Review Process

“BesTopReviewsInfo” is an internet site, the content of which is coordinated with qualified specialists from various sectors of the market. The main goal of the project is to give people a completely complete and accurate description of one or another product of production.


The site is being developed by:

2 permanent experts, which are obliged to evaluate and select goods in thematic ratings;

2 content-managers who are busy with the preparation of the technical task, monitoring the consumers’ opinion and placing the information in the corresponding place;

2 editors, the tasks of which are included in the preparation of the text content on the basis of the provided technical specifications.

How we create ratings and reviews

In general, the process of preparing the rating looks like the following.

  1. Before that, as the technical task is composed, it will be sent to the editors, which is offered for the review, and then it will be carefully checked.
  2. After the first vote, the product will receive a preliminary assessment with additional specifications for all key characteristics and features.
  3. At the same time, the team of content managers performs an analysis of hundreds and thousands of user reviews, which are placed on the template layout and layout. With the help of the external software package, the automatically generated aggregation of the collected data is carried out, based on which it is taken to extract the total
  4. At the second stage of the vote, the experts form the correction coefficients, based on an unimportant factor of user opinion (and a ready-made sample).
  5. All changes of the product positions in the ratings are fixed and subjected to final verification, after which they are formed in the terms of reference and sent to the final stage of teamwork – writing a bright and authentic text for a wide audience.

With respect, the team of the website “BesTopReviewsInfo”!